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An Alarming Trend!

Updated: Sep 3, 2017

July 25, 2017

It's been a tumultuous year with our transition to St. George and I have been so consumed with the logistics of moving and farm work that I am just now identifying the extent of an extremely alarming trend. Despite doing MORE farmers markets this Spring, sales are DOWN and it's significant. After having discussions with other local market vendors, we are not alone. Despite doing more work, investing more money, utilizing more labor, travelling further, and raising the quality of our products April sales were down 23%, May down 21%, June down 12%, and July to date is down 18%.

It's too early for me to quite comprehend the ramifications of this. However, our biggest investment on the farm this year has been NON-GMO feed for our hens and chicken without a corresponding price increase on eggs or chicken. We are the ONLY farm in the Lowcountry producing pasture raised non-gmo eggs and pasture raised non-gmo chicken. The ONLY one. Think you know another? Email me for details. We need your support to keep our level of quality at 2016 prices.

What Can You Do to Help???

  • Come to the Farmers Market every week. It's the healthiest habit you can keep for both your own body, the local food movement, and our local economy

  • QUIT buying eggs at the Grocery Store, no exceptions. Eggs are good in the fridge for 60 days and we bring an ample supply to every market. Stock up.

  • Keep an eye out for sales prices and stock up when you see them. Our pork sausages have been buy 4 lbs get 1 lb free all season and very few people are taking advantage of this.

  • Stretch your dollars on chicken by cooking leg quarters, drumsticks, wings, and broth over boneless skinless breast and buy less chicken at the grocery store.

  • Share our story and products with like minded healthy people, invite them with you to the Farmers Market or to order for Tuesday pickup.

  • Know your farmer. Most of you are programmed into my phone. Have questions? Want to help? Considering a bulk purchase? Call me.

If you've read this far I'm probably preaching to the choir. I appreciate you all and still I need you to kick it up a notch.

Thank you all for your support of the farm!

Farmer David

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